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Building Your Personal Brand

FROM OUR INTERN: Defining YOU – Building Your Personal Brand

April 6, 2017 - Branding, Marketing, Online marketing, Social Media, Travel and Tourism - , , , ,

Just like a corporate brand, a personal brand should define what you stand for, and express the essential value you bring to the lives of others. The keyword here is personal. A well-defined personal brand can help establish who you are, what you stand for, your leadership skills and style, both in and out of the workplace.

As a blogger, my personal brand centers on my lifestyle — what’s important to me: travel, beauty, and fashion. I write about topics that interest me and that people ask me about. The “tribe” I feel I belong to and want to attract more followers from include individuals and companies with similar interests, so that they engage with the content I create about fashion trends, beauty products, or my favorite places to visit in New York City.

Start by exploring the best platforms for your own creative space, on social media platforms or through a blog. Sharing your knowledge about things you know and love will build your audience. That will earn you the all-important trust factor as you shape your platform. Crafting your own personal brand persona, style, and tone are key to success. Your brand should be distinctive enough to be easily recognizable. Make it “thumb-stoppingly” attention-grabbing! For example, on Instagram, a platform that is solely visual, I don’t use too many different filters. I alternate between one to two filters to keep my photo style consistent. This is what makes my brand and social platforms customized to my aesthetic of choice. The most important tip for creating your personal brand is to be yourself and stay true to your interests and who you are. The rest will come organically.

Through my social media internship at O’Donnell Agency, I’m able to use my experience on social platforms and blogs and transfer those skills to create content for their clients. Different industries, companies and brands require completely unique styles and tones. It’s important that those personas come out through each of their social channels in a consistent manner.

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