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June 5, 2014 - Marketing, Public relations, Social Media - , , ,

If you manage a brand or business and you don’t yet have a Pinterest account, drop what you’re doing (after you finish reading my blog post, that is!) and click over to and register.

All set up? Good. According to Shareaholic, Pinterest is the #2 driver of web referrals, second only to the almighty Facebook. If you’re not actively pinning content, you’re missing out on a massive amount of free traffic — and business! Here are four tips to get you started with Pinterest.

1. Pin your products.

Let’s start at the very beginning and start pinning. Whether it’s your latest shipment of new inventory or a demonstration of your best-selling product, snap some photos and pin the images with a link back to your website where customers can find out more or buy online (more about this in tip number 4).

2. Pin useful content.

If you are a service provider, post helpful, entertaining content. Take this blog post, for example. How can I share it on a visual medium like Pinterest? I’ll create a basic graphic that tells you what the post is about, and pin it:


4 Tips to drive web traffic with Pinterest


This one was made by our in house graphic designer Jonny Vignola, but you don’t have to be an artist. You can make a graphic in a few simple steps using a free online program like PicMonkey. Consider watermarking your graphic with your web address, too. This will prevent anyone else from using it.

3. Pin consistently.

The great thing about Pinterest is that unlike Facebook and Twitter, your content doesn’t fall off the news feed within a few hours. It gets refreshed every time someone re-pins it. Take advantage of this by pinning new content on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be daily, but every few days or weekly will help keep your page views climbing.

4. Link back to your site

We can’t emphasize it enough: your pin is worthless without a link back to your site. To make sure it has one, click on your pin. Beneath it, there should be a line of text that says ‘Found on {your website here}’.


How to Drive Web Traffic with Pinterest


If your website isn’t listed, add it by clicking the gray pencil icon in the bottom right corner. Make the link specific. If your pin is related to a blog post, the link should take visitors directly to the blog post. If it’s promoting a product, it should take visitors directly to the page with product details. Don’t make them search around your homepage.

With a little time and some strategic pinning, your brand or business will see a whole new source of referral traffic – all at no cost to you except your time.

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