Riviera Beach Marina Village


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Riviera Beach Marina Village

Creating a destination logo comes with a boatload of responsibilities. It was key to establish the ‘new’ marina village as a visitor destination different than any other. Riviera Beach citizens wanted the logo to recall in some way the Bahamian roots of the city’s history – which we accomplished through a custom type font — and also reflect the authentic nature of their “working waterfront.”

We expressed these elements in a logo that signals a vibrant, contemporary, authentic leisure/sports/dining experience with broad appeal and packed with fun.

It defines the location in a modern, contemporary way that will remain relevant over time.

Thoughtful use of color, and the fluidity of “stringfellow’s” artistic realization — the fisherman/windsurfer/ sailor made of rope — evokes the relaxing motion of the ocean and the promise of all the waterfront fun under the Florida sun.

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