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There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all, no matter what the label says on that ‘universal’ yoga top. The same holds true for your social media strategy. Each post needs to be crafted for each platform to maximize its impact.  Social channels are very different, so while the topics and insights you share can be the same, the way you present them cannot.  We’ve created some easy-to-follow, one-size fits-all tips (ha-ha) for each social media platform to make sure you get that engagement so critical to your success.


  1. Posts with images have the highest engagement so include a photo whenever you can. Ideal size is 800×600.
  2. Keep the tone positive – people prefer it. It’s human nature, and you’ll get more engagement.
  3. Facebook is a two-way conversation, so use it that way. Respond to other users’ posts, comments and likes.
  4. Optimize for mobile. Almost 80% of Facebook users are now using Facebook on their mobile devices.
  5. Post when your audience is listening, not just when your business is open. Use Facebook Insights to determine when your fans are online.


  1. Include a call to action so users know what you want them to do after reading your tweet.
  2. Punctuation matters — even in 140 characters. Be careful about abbreviations. Don’t use all caps or excessive exclamation points.
  3. Format your tweets as questions, facts or figures.
  4. Shorten your URLs. Use so you can track your clicks.
  5. Keep your tweets under the 140 character limit to allow for retweets of your content.


  1. Keep an eye on trending hashtags and include in your posts whenever applicable.
  2. Put the subject of your image (whether it be a person, object, food) in only two-thirds of the photo rather than filling up the entire screen or having too much background – it’s more attractive to the eye.
  3. Engage with any comments you receive. Keep it conversational, not “sales pitchy.”
  4. Use editing applications to apply filters to your photos to establish a consistent look and feel to your feed.
  5. Post captions that drive engagement such as questions that will prompt responses when possible.
  6. Frequent ‘grammers will be thrilled to hear that the platform now accepts portfolio and landscape images so you can now think outside the…square! Just tap the format icon on the bottom left corner of your photo to adjust.


  1. A pin without a human face is 23% more likely to get shared with others.
  2. Vertically oriented images perform better than horizontal pins. Perfect ratios = 2:3 and 4:5.
  3. Colors! Images with dominant colors are re-pinned 3x as much.
  4. Use a captivating background, but don’t let it take up more than 40% of the image.
  5. In your description keep the copy concise yet compelling – something that entices users to click on the link. 200 characters is the optimal length.

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  • Kwame76@gmail.comReply had me hooked at the first sentence. The universal yoga top referenced made me literally laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

    September 11, 2015
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