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Setting Fire to Old School PR Stunts – Tinder Lights Up Twitter

August 13, 2015 - Journal, Marketing, Social Media - , , , , , ,

When marketing pundits drone on about how technology has changed the way PR works, we yawn, stretch and get ready for a catnap. But this week? This week there’s new meaning to the threadbare insights. Technology has indeed changed the way PR works, adding a rich new dimension to the crafty, crazy world of public relations stunts. The red-hot dating app called Tinder, mostly known for facilitating casual hook-ups, ostensibly lost its cool on Twitter over an article called “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse‘” in Vanity Fair. What better way for a company to promote itself than by pretending to spin out of control while connected to a twitter account? Rants happens for real, of course (#AlexBaldwin), but  rarely by large companies and hardly ever more than a few tweets in scope and duration. Some form of composure is normally restored after you drop a few derogatory bombs on an offender and get the issue off your chest. But for a company to rant on, unhinged and unchecked, from 3:59 to 7:44 pm and post no fewer than 11 tweets attacking VF contributor author NancyJo Sales and her employer — both with deliciously large audiences – is great PR craftmanship, thanks to …. the way technology has changed the way PR works.


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  • Aaron WormusReply

    I thought it was well played on Tinder's part, I don't think Tinder they lost any users because of the Vanity Fair article, and keeping themselves in the news for a little longer probably gained them a few.

    August 17, 2015
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