Amanda Sueiro


Amanda’s eye for graphic design has led her to some wonderful places. She earned her BFA from Barry University and a post-baccalaureate degree in Boston from the School of the Museum of Fine Art. She has an irrational love for good typography, big, bold colors and scrunchy, munchy paper goods. There’s no other field for Amanda except design, and she survives and thrives in the whirling vortex of O’Donnell’s busy design department.

Amanda also loves to write, and has an impressive blogger history. In her free time, she combines her two passions for writing and paper by designing unforgettable greeting cards and creating handmade books – including pop-ups! Obsessive hand-lettering and artistic photography also swirl around her world that also includes cats, a husband (both adorable), creative confections in the oven, pool time, and Disney World. It all sounds good to us – just like her amazing work.


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  • Shark Tank
  • The Walking Dead


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  • StarGirl


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