Amiekay Richcrick


Our Senior Content Manager hails from Pennsylvania, but her life seems to turn around everything related to “news.” She has lived and worked in New Zealand, New Hampshire and in new-merous newsrooms between those three geographic points. But it’s Palm Beach County that feels most like home to this prolific blogger, digital strategist, television news producer, assignment editor and morning show coordinator who has been a key team member for Emmy-nominated newscasts and television coverage of Presidential primaries.

She’s also played a dead body on Law & Order and made Jennifer Garner jealous in 13 Going on 30, but these are condiments to her main dish as our content creation commander who ensures that O’Donnell videos, paid social advertising creative, podcasts, blogs, e-blasts and more engage, entertain, educate, and drive search results. The Temple University graduate now has her eye on fast-emerging voice search technology and how that will change SEO strategies, plus how AI is changing the data-gathering game.

From helping to refine our national ad campaign to promote pet adoption, Amiekay’s amygdala is also hard at work on four of the agency’s city and special district branding and marketing programs of work. Even though it’s not featured on her resume, juggling deadlines, knives, and figurative fireballs while riding a unicycle is one of her very significant skills that comes in handy around here. We tend to refer to it simply as ‘life balance.’


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