Barry Cunningham


Don't ask Barry how he handles “social media” for our clients. The digital platforms are all just “media” now, and he’ll shake his head and probably make a face if you brag about fan or follower counts. You can’t deposit likes or retweets in the bank, he loves to say at the start of our monthly Social Hour events. Here, we value metrics that guide conversion to traction, action, and sales.

The type of content you post matters a lot, but don’t think brilliant content will do the job on its own. Today’s algorithms favor the spenders, and Barry has been at the helm of campaigns that have driven the success of some of the nation’s biggest brands, including Party City, Papa Johns, the Florida Panthers of the NHL, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Burger Fi, and many more.

When he’s not destroying the competition with secret Facebook scaling strategies, he’s watching Notre Dame football or the Dallas Cowboys, with a serving of spicy Pad Thai on the side.


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