Brittny Quinn


A native New Yorker, Brittny worked her way up to an impressive resume with a handful of superb Manhattan agencies that specialize in consumer and travel PR and health IT. But while attending the University of Tampa, she got a taste for all the fun to be found under the Florida sun, so her days of slushy streets and honking horns were numbered.

This Advertising & Public Relations major got her career start in the city as leader of a street team for Nickelodeon’s press department to celebrate SpongeBob’s 10th Anniversary. Dressed top-to-toe in bright yellow, she fell in love with the colorful and creative world of public relations and her career track was set.

So organized that her handwriting might as well be a type font, Brittny anchors the highly creative and occasionally complex programs of work for the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, CityPlace, and the nation’s largest outdoor museum show, CANVAS.

This sophisticated travel buff spent last year living it up in London while working for an American company, learning fast how to look the wrong way before stepping off a curb, and all the hilariously nuanced meanings of “Mind The Gap,” many of which come in handy around here. Just a head’s up.


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