Irene Carvalho


She started her career in New York with the Spanish International Network/Univision, and anchored top-flight ad agencies in   South Florida, and the venerable Saatchi and Saatchi in Bermuda, but now Irene is ours, all ours. Our brilliant Director of Media and Client Services has constructed and then value engineered media buys worth millions of dollars over the past 15 years, delivering a laundry list of record-breaking results, including the most opening day ticket sales in the history of the Miami Marlins. Her favorite national accounts included Proctor & Gamble and American Airlines. Again, tout le monde, she’s ours, all ours.
In addition to media buying, this native Cuban handles staff development, new client onboarding and client service protocol and tracking. She speaks Spanish, Portuguese and French, which allows for colorful, très -très -off-the-record conversations with Carey. She has two talented children and five sassy sisters to keep her grounded. When she’s not at work juggling china  plates and a basket of oranges while riding a unicycle with coyotes snapping at her heels, Irene travels the world in pursuit of her other passions: architecture and interior design. Quick reminder: she’s ours, all ours. We’ve mentioned that, right?  


  • HGTV
  • Suits
  • Rick Steves' Europe


  • Think Big
  • Contagious
  • Option B


  • Nielsen
  • Adage
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