Julie Fanning


We suspect that Julie turned down employment opportunities as hostage negotiator, high-level diplomat or superhero-for-hire when she joined our company more than a decade ago. Why? Her uncanny ability to arrive at consensus and find workable solutions even among the most disparate parties in the direst situations is legendary around the office, and throughout Florida’s real estate development, behavioral health and education communities where her skills and experience shine brightest. As head of our new Sarasota office, Julie is fast making a name for O’Donnell on the west coast of the state, gaining attention for our original thinking and relentless pursuit of excellence so we can drive clients to the front of their industry sectors. Julie supervises our teams assigned to programs of work for Freehold Capital Management, Saint Andrew’s School, and more. Our vivacious vice-president is known for her critical thinking skills and finding clever ways to wring more from modest budgets, which makes her a very popular, indeed. These skills translate on the home front, too, where Julie is Mom to two talented children…who have a few tricks of their own up their sleeves!


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