Maia Appleby


Hailing from western New York, Maia spent her first few years in Palm Beach County explaining her Wisconsin-like accent and editing words like “pop” from her beverage lexicon. Her writing career got off to an early start as a spelling bee champ, laying the foundation for writing skills that form the nucleus of her core marketing skills. As an English Lit major at Saint Bonaventure University, she immersed herself in the classics, which led to a hopeless addiction to British period dramas and Jane Austen quotes. She’s even the author of a fantasy novel set in, we dare say, England.

Since 2002, Maia’s made a name for herself in content marketing and public relations, churning out compelling copy and attention-grabbing headlines for companies primarily in healthcare and education. A certified fitness trainer, she’s worked on content for Jillian Michaels, and is the author of hundreds of health-related articles for publications including Livestrong, Beachbody, the San Francisco Chronicle, Modern Mom, the Arizona Republic and The Nest. At O’Donnell, Maia’s work turns up in all sorts of places, and never fails to be, well, letter perfect.


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