Gregory Dillard


If anyone in our office has great perspective, it’s Gregory Dillard. Our film and video virtuoso spends his day experimenting with angles, aspects and attitudes on his trusty Steadicam, RONIN, Aerial Cinematography, motion graphics, editor and as a director. The result? Brilliant videos and creamy, dreamy television spots that capture the essence of an event, client culture, or product message in masterful and most unforgettable ways.
Greg has almost as much fun in post-production as he has in the field creating and capturing the money-shot moments that define his work, which is a brilliant blend of technical expertise and his remarkable artistic sensibility. His work is crisp, modern and memorable designed to reach and resonate with today’s demanding audiences. He has a particular taste and talent for capturing mouth-watering footage of food that will make you hungry for more of his work. Lyrical, high-speed slo-mo or multi-cam action, Greg is the maestro that orchestrates the elements that make up his masterful work.


  • Narcos
  • Cape Fear
  • Steadicam Moves


  • American Cinematographer
  • The Steadicam Operator’s Handbook
  • Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects


  • Lounge-Radio
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