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The King of Content Gets More Powerful

June 18, 2019 - Digital Marketing, Social Media, Uncategorized, Video - , , , , , , , , , ,

Video success on social platforms used to depend on being short and sweet… or funny, or poignant, or shocking, but always short. The brevity catered to our shorter attention spans and the way users typically graze their way through a lot of content. But one constant about social media: it’s ever-changing. Believe it or not, the cardinal rule is singing a brand new tune these days: longer-form content is breaking its way back into the algorithmic tyranny, meaning longer videos are being seen, and are holding the attention of viewers.  According to PR Dailyvideos now drive 80 percent of all traffic on the web. So it’s an essential, no longer a luxury of the social media marketer.

Photographic content with the exact same captions doesn’t cut it. The viewer expectation is much higher now, especially among millennials. They are the core – and the corps – of the Information Generation, and crave delivery in the catchiest, most entertaining forms and formats.

Videos create more audience engagement for a lot of reasons. Good visuals are much more memorable than words, and when they move they engage our brains even more deeply. Live feeds are extra compelling and create a sense of urgency to watch before it ends.

Social media stories are viewed as more effective than posting directly to a user’s feed, especially on Instagram, and video is at the center of the reason.Although stories are brief, only 15 seconds on Instagram, this feature gives brands the option of breaking up the story into multiple segments – creating longer content and therefore more engagement.  Even with higher attention rates on stories, we still can’t neglect our home feeds. So, for video that exceeds 60 seconds on the feed,footage can now be continued in length using Instagram’s IGTV feature.

Video is the King of Content through the algorithm evolution and social media revolution. Long live the King!

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