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The Next Step Might Be Teleporting!

March 16, 2016 - Mobile, Online marketing, Travel and Tourism - , , , ,

Our mobile phones seem to have become a bionic, add-on body part. Always handy, always on, and seemingly essential to navigating daily life. We have the world at our fingertips — literally. And the brilliant minds at Google saw this coming years ago, creating products and services to take advantage of the new normal. One such result is the recent introduction of “Destinations,” the ultimate, on-the-go travel agency.

It’s made finding great places to go even easier. Search Google on your mobile phone for any place you’d like to travel by entering a continent, country or state and add the word “destination,” like ‘Palm Beach County destination.’ Flight and hotel rates will populate your screen instantly, cutting through the clutter, pulling them all up on one, central platform rather than switching back and forth between travel sites. In addition to saving you countless hours, Destinations is determined to help consumers get the best deals, too. With the “flexible dates” filter option, you can compare rates within a certain time range in order to get the best prices available not just for hotel and transportation, but for the type of activities you love, too. Destinations, currently rolled out to over 200 locations, (but will be expanding in the near future) is like having a brilliant, well connected travel agent-genie in your pocket, ready to make your every wish its command. No complaints in our office! Check it out.

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