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The Shift Has Hit Us Fans: Mobile Takes Over

March 2, 2016 - Marketing, Mobile, Online marketing, Social Media - , , ,

Consumers are happily spending more time than ever hanging around in apps rather than watching TV, according to a study by eMarketer. Apps are the primary reason for the unbridled growth in mobile use, and there are no signs of slowing in the near term. Mobile digital media time in the USA now ranks at 51 percent of total internet time compared to 42 percent for desktop access.

Last year in the United States, smartphone and tablets clocked an average of 3:05 hours a day in apps – giving itself a nice little raise from the 2:51 hours we spent apping in 2014. The informed projection for 2016 is that app use by mobile devices will account for an average of 3:15 hours daily. No wonder mobile marketing is now a $100 billion a year industry.

What are people actually doing in these apps? Researching purchases, primarily. They find peer-to-peer reviews that they tend to trust over conventional advertising. The lesson learned here is to create content that’s mobile friendly and designed to educate, entertain and spark conversations – leading to ‘trust’ in your brand.

Apple and Android combined dish up more than 2 million apps available for download – an exhausting idea. But it’s apps that lead the way to reach the coveted millennials market. According to Pew, 90 percent of American adults own a mobile phone, 42 percent own a tablet computer. Mobile traffic is jamming, and it’s only going to increase, so as marketers, we need to see around the corner to prepare for what’s next.

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  • WhitneyReply

    I'm totally one of the guilty ones who multitasks at all times. It's too easy with my phone glued to my hand. And it's true, I don't wait around to try and view content that's non-mobile friendly or takes too long to load. I'm already on to the next app or link.

    March 2, 2016
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